Why do I have to pay again

Anonymous shared this problem 2 years ago

Paid for pro version some time back... Why am i required to pay again after several updates etc.

This is a joke.

Are you serious with this bullsh!t ??

Why did the 'restore purchases/pro' option disappear?

Starting to feel like you're a scammer with this kinda crap happening to something ive paid for already.

Major problem with this kind of behaviour. Google needs to do something about it to stop people from screwing people who have paid already out of features with updates... Or straight up removing the old verion and replacing with one that negates all previous purchases.

Surely there's some law regarding this kind of behaviour. If not, its probably high time one was brought in or at the very least a play store policy forbidding the replacement of existing apps that have been paid for with the same god damn thing but minus the pro features unless you pay again.

F#@k!ng scam.

Never buying another thing from you!

And will warn everyone i know to ster cleer of your crap too.