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Brian Kerr shared this question 3 years ago
Need Answer

Using the zipME app, how can I create a zip flash file with the BusyBox Binary files?

So i can flash BusyBox Binary updates within TWRP.

Thank you for your time and assistance with this.

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Instead of using zipME for this, please use our BusyBox Installer. It has an option to create a flashable ZIP.



Thank you for your response. Mr. Rummy personally responded to an inquiry of mine regarding the ZIPme app and had decided to update the app as reflected in the Play Store.

I had purposely left out Jim's contact information and others to help protect his privacy. Though, it's all out there, it wasn't easy to find and I've got a feeling that this was by design for individuals to use the other support methods first.

Please take care and this is still an AWESOME app!!!


I misspelled "Mr. Rummy" when it should read "Mr. Rummler"...

My apologies!