RTP problems on GALAXY NOTE 3

Austin Davee shared this problem 5 years ago

I have a Sprint Note 3 rooted. I have rooted Android devices in the past and know that one tool you absolutely need to have to take full control over your phone all in one place is Rom Toolbox. This was when I used to be in HS with no money. I joined the Marine Corps and haven't done any rooting or anything for a while so I need to read up on the lingo. But one thing I knew I needed was Rom Toolbox Pro so I bought it. Alot has changed but I am dissapointed by a few things.... it kinda keeps crashing on me when I am setting up the Auto Start Manager. It also takes RTP a while to be granted superuser access for all the stuff I applied for at boot. (Not sure if that is a superuser problem or a RTP problem). I am also trying to block ads. But whatever I'm trying isn't working. I definitely think for some of the settings there needs to be an info button with directions or an explanation on how to make something work correctly. Another problem I've been having is when I go to the file manager I keep getting prompted to download some utilities. But when I go to download them it won't download. I'm not sure if that is why I am having so much problems with the app. Or if it is just because there isn't much dev for my phone yet. Anyways please help me out so I can continue to use this great app the way it was intended to be used.

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