RootBrowser needs to tell Android that it can open zip, rar & tar files

Ty Johnson shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

IMHO it is a better file browser than Astro and ES File Explorer. I love how well RootBrowser handles zip, rar and tar files. However it doesn't tell Android that it can open them so it is not an option to select RootBrowser as the default app for opening such files. As an example, a zip file attached to an email must first be saved through the email app, then you need to open root browser and locate the file in order to view the contents. It would be far more efficient if RootBrowser could simply be set as the default app for such file extensions. I understand that only a few additional lines of code would be required in the next update to enable this functionality.

Of course enabling RootBrowser to open zip, rar and tar files is an option within the RootBrowser app settings. This means that if RootBrowser was selected to be the default Android app to open any of these file extensions then the functionality would also have to be enabled in the app settings. This wouldn't be an issue for anyone who is familiar with the RootBrowser settings but it could trip up the novice user.

The issue could be managed a couple of different ways:

1) Permanently enable RootBrowser to open zip, rar and tar files. i.e. Don't make it an option in the app settings. Users would still be able to decide whether or not to use RootBrowser to open such files through Android's normal processes.

2) Provide a simple dialogue box advising the user that the functionality must be enabled in the app settings. The dialogue box would pop up anytime RootBrowser is used to open a zip, rar or tar file and it is unable to do so due to the incorrect app settings. If you want to get really clever you could have 2 options in the dialogue box 1 = "Cancel" and 2 = "Enable RootBrowser to open this type of file" which would automatically make the correct change to the app settings and proceed to open the user's file.