Root Browser can't write in external sdcard without root

guijarrelson shared this problem 2 years ago

I am trying to move some files from internal memory to a external sdcard in my android with Root Browser.

I can't create a simple empty file in external sdcard partition and the app has the storage permission activated and granted.

Could you help me to check if I have to activate any option in my stock android to allow Root Browser write in the external sdcard?

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I am aware of this problem. I am currently re-writing the entire app and I am hesitant to spend time fixing this in the current app.


files don't appear on screen. This and a host of problems not caused by rom installer but it is diminished. My recovery log is attached. I respond her as jrummy apps has been blacklisted from my gmail. My biggest problem is a lock out from user modification of RO build and my ADB has been locked. Notice in my recovery log that OTA, FOTA or any adjustment from recovery is overwritten from a locked (for user) file in /sbin/recovery/platform/MSM_sdcc.1

In subackup the lib shows that my system is given global execution privelages barring user.


You can try using GNURoot debian wheezy or one of the for listed. It should get you to the Root File System