Root Broswer fails to create files/ directories in External SD Card

Anonymous shared this problem 8 months ago

I have been using File Explorer Root Browser for a while and have often used scripts to move files based on select criteria to External SD Card from internal memory.

But since recent Oreo security patch(based on December 2018 security patch) from Lenovo for Moto G5 Plus, I see that the script fails with permission denied and verified that the Root Broswer app cannot create files/ directories on the External SD Card.

Just wondering if there is a solution for this scenario for non-rooted phones. I do not want to Root my phone as I use some apps that fail to run with rooted/ modded phones.

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Have you tried Total Commander for Android?

I use it on both my LG Aristo 2 (fully stock, never rooted) and Amazon Fire TV Sticks (all US generations/models).

It works fine with rooted devices, which obviously has the potential to allow you to do some things that you otherwise might be unable to do, but even without root I've found it more than capable of doing / discovering / exploring /finding / etc. many useful things.

Some were things that would be simple with root, but that I had almost become convinced were impossible without, until I wandered all directions through the links below, where I found information / tools / addons / plugins / etc. that ultimately combined into workable solutions for several longtime "wishlist" abilities implemented on all my aforementioned devices.

If you've got the smarts to handle stuff like basic scripting and generally know your way around the basic underpinnings of general Android systems, I'm sure you'll be able to assemble your own way to writing to your SD card and more. In fact, you'll probably win that battle without any extra pieces or documentation sleuthing at all.

I've attached a screenshot of my LG Aristo 2 running Total Commander for Android and viewing my SD card's top-level directory. Pretty much everything you see there are folders (with plenty of files and folders within, LOL!) that I've copied / created / moved there viaTotal Commander for Android in some manner.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!