ROM Toolbox Pro says Busybox not installed

K.Kaiser shared this problem 2 years ago

Every time I open Rom Toolbox Pro, I get a pop-up saying that Busybox needs to be installed. Busybox is installed already and just to get Rom Toolbox Pro to run I follow the prompts and hit the install button and it jumps immediately to say installed. Obviously too quickly to have actually installed anything.

Why is this happening? My Busybox is up to date and I believe ROM Toolbox Pro is because you haven't updated it forever.

What is the problem? Is it Rom Toolbox Pro or Busybox? They are both your apps and I've been using them on all my phones for the last eight yrs or more and never had any problems until now. They have been installed in this phone for two years now and no problems until about a month ago.

Please help. Thanks in advance for your time.

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I've been thru that. What fixed it for me was changing install directory from /system/xbin to /system/sbin

Tho to be honest it might have had something to do with systemless

Root as well, so if chdir doesn't help try system Installing su?

Hope that helps


Backs ups first!!!


Thanks. Good idea.


I will. Thanks again