Rom Toolbox Pro Gold telling me I need to upgrade Rom Installer to Gold?

David Walker shared this problem 2 years ago

Why did my copy of Rom Toolbox Pro which was already Gold tell me that I needed to upgrade the ROM Installer to gold also? After I did I say absolutly NO difference between what I had after the purchase then I had before. I would like a refund of my $9.99. Here is the transaction number GPA.1333-2440-4971-15215.

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Can I either get an explanation as to why I had to do this OR a refund on the $9.99? I posted this 3 weeks ago and I think that I've shown more than enough patience for at least a response.



ROM Toolbox Pro contains the gold version of ROM Installer. ROM Toolbox Pro doesn't contain any in-app purchases. Please use ROM Toolbox instead of ROM Installer (the standalone app). I hope that clears things up.


Actually no it doesn't. I WAS using the pro version which I purchased quite a while back. I would not have both the free and the pro versions on my phone at the same time. It did tell me that I needed to upgrade to the ROM installer Pro which I did and it cost me $10. For absolutely nothing. That is why I want my purchase refunded.


There seems to be some confusion. Did you purchase ROM Toolbox Pro? There is no such thing as "ROM Toolbox Pro Gold". Did you purchase both ROM Toolbox Pro and ROM Installer Gold? If you can provide the transaction number for ROM Toolbox (not ROM Installer) I will refund the ROM Installer purchase. If the app prompts you to upgrade, then make sure you are signed into the same Google account that you used to purchase the app.


Oh well... It is ROM Toolbox Pro. I'm a firm believer in supporting the developers of any app that I like. I moved over to your app because I got tired never seeing new ROMS when using the other ROM Manager app that was on top at the time. When I list my purchased apps on the play store shows that I purchased it on 11/30 of 2012 but it does not list the transaction number. It also list a purchase price of $0 so I don't know what's going on with that. Paypal will not allow me to list any transactions further back than March of 2014 so I can't get it from there. I don't even know if I used paypal to pay for it. We are talking about 5 years ago. I have attached a clip of the display from the play store listing but so far that's all I got. I'll see if I can find anything in my email archives but that's doubtful.


I refunded your purchase of ROM Installer Gold. Thank you for supporting development by purchasing ROM Toolbox.


Hey thanks dude.. I do appreciate it. I'm sorry I got a little tense there for a moment. I do appreciate your work and the products you and the other dev's release. Now if I could just get this bootloader unlocked on my Vz S7 Edge and find an overclockable kernel my life would be perfect. :-)