Rom Toolbox Pro Force Close problems

Erick Reyes shared this problem 6 years ago
Being worked on

When I go to the boot animation menu to change my animation the app crashes and I only have the option toto Force Close it... Any way to fix this?

Thanks in advance

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The best way to figure out what is causing a bug or force close is to send us a logcat.

To send a logcat please do the following:

1. Download CatLog (Free) from the Google Play Store

2. Open CatLog

3. Click the clear button to clear the log (“X” in the top right corner)

4. Go into the app and perform the action that is causing the issue.

5. Open CatLog and click menu > Save.

6. The logcat is saved in storage/catlog/saved_logs

7. Attach the .txt file to a comment here

Thank you for your assistance and again, I hope to resolve this ASAP.