Rom Installer, not creating backups?

RummyFan shared this question 5 years ago
Need Answer

Sorry it's an old phone. Froyo 2.2, ATT Samsung galaxy S (SGH-I897). The app seems to work great, but when I tell it to create a backup, it goes to the screen for the file name, then confirm to backup and reboot...

But nothing happens. No backups are created. I have rebooted and tried again, but nothing. It won't create any backup files.

I'm thinking it may be a permissions issue on the destination folder?? Im a linux guy not android.

This looks like an awesome app and I'd like to breathe some new life into this old phone!

Thanks all!

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on Sprint TW Lollipop ROM deodexed will not backup ROM also tried to backuo kernal as well

Galaxy S5

I have the paid version thats worthless

I know I have experimental rom but should worklthanks in advance regards