Restoring app data to different device results in crash

Joris Dirks shared this problem 4 years ago

1) Backup to memory stick on tablet (Nexus 7 2012, CM 10.1)

2) Restore app+data on phone (Samsung Galaxy S3, Android 4.3)

3) Run restored app

Result is one of the following:

a) First screen of app appears, but results in: "Unfortunately, ### has stopped.', giving the option to report or close. ### being the app name, such as: K-9 mail, Plume, Xabber VIP. Updating the apps does not help. Deleting app data does enable me to start the program.

b) App opens but data is not restored. Happens with apps like: SwiftKey Tablet, Minion Rush, MEGA

I'm hoping there is a way to restore my app data on my new device!