Repeated root access requests

Funkbuqet Xlendi shared this problem 4 years ago

I have had ROM toolbox installed for quite some time and use it infrequently. About a month ago I started receiving repeated (about every 10 - 15 seconds) toast notifications telling me that ROM Toolbox was requesting root access. I had ROM Toolbox set as an always allow in Superuser so it was just letting me know. When I checked the Superuser logs there was 6 to 10 requests per minute for every minute. I turned off the notifications and forgot about it for a while.

Is this normal behavior? What could be causing this? For now I have the app frozen as i don't use it everyday and I am unsure what it keeps trying to do. Thanks.

Device Info:

Samsung Galaxy S3 - rooted

Carrier: Sprint

ROM: SlimKat (AOSP) 7.0

Android: 4.4.4