Multi user app share manager

Magissia shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

A multi user app share manager.

On Android JellyBean, since version 4.2, we officially have a multi user accounts support, and each account have a file with app restrictions, if an app is placed here on user's folder, this user won't see nor be able to launch this app, we can also remove restriction from there to allow a non system app to be shared among users.

The point would be to add a multi user app share manager to the room toolbox.

We can manually edit the related file at /data/system/users/<user ID>/package-restrictions.xml but editing this king of thing by hand is long, painfull and annoying, plus the risk to screw something.

The GUI of the app could start with an user list, after clicking an user, a list with all installed app, and checkboxes next to them. Ticking a box would restrict the app to be used for this user, unticking it would allow it. by default system apps should be hidden because they are shared by default, but an option could allow to show them (and restrict them).

A nice bonus if devs got time for it, would be to only allow the owner account to use this app, even if other users has root acces. Second one, but probably tricky, to be able to have app's data shared among users for chosen app only. (by default every user have it own app's data)

Both could be introduced after an update (or never if devs feels it's not worth the time)

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