Moving apps to the SD card, internal, system, or user deleted apps instead of moving them.

iNfeRnO *<|:-)->-< BigFire shared this problem 6 years ago
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I have a Samsung Galaxy S2. I understand it has both an internal USB storage that is separate from the main system storage as well as a spot for an external SD card. I have no SD card installed, but used the "Move user apps to the SD card" option in the App Manager. I thought maybe it was moving my apps to the internal USB storage, but it appears to have just decided to delete them instead of moving them anywhere or saying it couldn't move them due to there being no SD card. I'm not super happy about this, as I prefer my apps to exist. There are zero apps listed in the "move apps on SD card to Phone" option. Did it move them anywhere that I could recover them from, maybe, or are they actually gone?

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Backup to SD hives an error anytime SD cache storage is set to anything besides the default 128kb. The bytes shown are in question too. When failed it was showing 704 files 1399293334 bytes in the backup directory, after deleting over and over to discover only 128 worked it without error but shows 704 files and 1330673829 bytes , after unchecking to start at bootup and using 128, again it passed but bytes different "Same as when failed"




Well, Alan j I did not experience any such issues sdcard cache size = 8192 did you apply any otas?


System storage available