JRummy apps. No more. Sold & NSA weeps. I GET EVEN. FACT

Anonymous shared this problem 2 years ago

Sold off and to debs from Russia. Now it makes sense why deep packet inspection has showed the new permissions it demands. The intents called are theft. I WANT, DEMAND A REFUND. Or put up with demand letters weekly from an in-law who owns a law firm and that is not as painful as the thorns in the side of this place will be. And yes Mr. Rummler the letters heading your way are far different. Your move. I will dump the data I have and that's not stopping me from issuing cease and desist. While next week my family have 10 Jr. Partners and 1 Senior pour over every relevant law and precedent with $ awarded

JRUMMY as your known. Did you bother to question AT ALL or was that soon to be class actionable payout too sweet? Doubt m, me and think I am bluffing? I have paid for pro on more than app of JRummy aka Jared Rummler or whatever his sell out name is. I have it my office. I live for this exact situation and will roll out a dozen former Cisco's on top of putting former Federal intelligence officers to find exactly what this front who works for the GRU and FSB and who those frontman are at minimum. TRY ME. Because we have quite the cache of hard data and yes I will be posting results after the September Joe Partner, owner, and elected official in my state have the FBI look at it to verify.


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Why do all you mentally disturbed people flock to tech websites to babble your paranoid delusions???