I have Rom Toolbox Pro from you, and Boot Animations.I created a bootanimation.zip file, but ...

Anonymous shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

I have Rom Toolbox Pro from you, and Boot Animations. I created a bootanimation.zip file, but Boot Animations did not recognise it as valid. I was able to move the file to the appropriate folder using your Root Browser. I was able to play the file on my phone using an option in Root Browser, but when I rebooted, it did not work. I used your Boot Animations to install another animation, and the one that didn't work was saved as a backup. The preview of it worked on Boot Animations, but on re-installing it, it produced only a black screen. This time I figured that there was something not quite right in the ZIP file format, so I made a small change to the FPS of the (not working) installed animation. The outcome was that, in resaving the bootanimation.zip file having made a change to desc.txt, whatever was wrong with the ZIP file was repaired, and the animation worked!

THE IDEA: Add an option to Boot Animations to attempt to re-save non-working boot animation zip files in the correct format.