How to disable ad networks?

Andrew Brown shared this question 4 years ago
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When I hope the DNS changer section of the app, there is also an ad detector tab. This shows the networks built into various apps.It looks as if it ought to be possible to disable them, but how? Should the checkbox be checked or unchecked? Should the phone be rebooted after this?

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You obviously need the Pro version to run this option properly. Don't forget to turn on the "Live Detection Mode" - switch it to "ON". Then you choose the app to check for ads. Click the app, then click "Disable components." Now choose the ad-type you'd like to stop by clicking the tick boxes. Tick = On. No Tick = Off. Beware this action though. A lot of apps will complain that their ad serving is off. I then just jump back to the particular app and reinstate the necessary ad. Good luck!


so, just to be clear... tick = on = add components are disabled?

is that correct?