'Flash Reocvery' will not rewrite CWM over TWRP SGH-I337

Adrian Cota shared this problem 6 years ago


Currently I am having an issue with TWRP, specifically when I try to make a backup it shows my 'Data' partition with a size of 1,400,000MB, or 1398 gigs roughly.

Because of this I am trying to install CWM over TWRP, reason is because I started a thread on XDA and a person aid this worked for him.

I have tried numerous times with ROM Toolbox Pro and am not entirely sure if im doing it right.

When I press "Flash Recovery" I see this list....

Latest Recoveries


CWR Touch v


Team Win Recoveries

Clockworkmod Recoveries

I have never used CWR so i am not sure why it shows as "latest."

However, when I press either file name it says Installed successfully, but when I reboot into recovery it is still TWRP.



Baseband Ver: I337UCUAMDL

Kernel: 3.4.0-453947

se.infra@SEI-46 #1

Build#: JDQ39.I337UCUAMDL