Files has stopped

Anonymous shared this problem 1 year ago


Been using Root Browser since day one when you released it on XDA... Was my prefered file explorer. Never failed me until Android 6...

My problem is:

When trying to attach a file in gmail, i always get:

Files has stopped

Also presented with the same message when trying to restore SMS/MMS with Titanium Backup... I guess it will fail with other apps as well. I have seen this reported by someone on the donate version of Root Browser.

Do you plan on fixing this two years old bug? Easy to reproduce by the way. Start writing a new email in gmail and try attaching whatever file using Root Browser and check the result... I have seen the app should see a major update soon. But this message is here since last year, so i'm wondering if you are still working on it.

Thanks in advance. Regards, Sébastien...