Fail backup & restore, force closes

zak farrell shared this problem 5 years ago

I have been on hyperdrive rls7 on my verizon galaxy s4 for a couple weeks, and if I try to backup app & data, it fails. I tried to restore apps and data when I first flashed rls7, but only the app came back, no data. I just took an update to the app, and now any attempt to do anything in app manager force closes the app. My galaxy s4 is on the mdk build, rooted and unlocked 4.2.2. Thanks in advance!

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Still having the same problem on my T-Mobile LG G2 running PA 4.4+. I received an email months ago saying it was a known problem and was being worked on, still does not work. If I try to backup my apps, it just zips through and says failed.