Cloud backup problems

Samu shared this problem 6 years ago

Hi, I have some problems with cloud backup, and have had it for several months now. Since I have bought this app and want it to work properly, I will try to help you fix these problems. The app looks good and have great potential, but the backup problems just held it back from being really useful.

Device: Nexus 7 (2012) and Nexus 5

Firmware problems occurs on: the problems appear on all Android versions, custom ROMs etc I have tested, like stock 4.2.x, 4.3, 4.4.x, and custom ROMs on those versions. Currently running stock 4.4.2 on both devices with Xposed. Previously had a Sony Xperia S with the same problems.

Problem: app data won't backup to cloud storage, or have big problems doing so. Backup folder on devices are set to /sdcard/App_Manager, and local backups works just fine. Problems are different on the provided cloud storage options:

Box: selecting "App Manager", clicking on app, "Backup", "Box", result in local backup being uploaded. This should instead take a new backup and upload that one to Box. Same thing happens if "Local backups" is checked in settings. Workaround: make a local backup and then backup the app to Box.

Dropbox: same thing as Box, but instead of uploading all data (apk., data, png., json), it most of the time only upload the png. As seen here: Workaround: delete the old app.tar.gz in Dropbox and make a new backup.

Drive: same thing as Box, but after uploading 1 time it doesn't seem to want to upload anymore. It's like it can't overwrite any of the files, the "last modified" stays on the same time.

These problems are also present on batch operations, and it really makes cloud backups unusable, which was the main reason I bought this app over other options. I understand that thing takes time, but please try to fix this in the near future.

If I find more problems I will comment here..