Boot Animation: parsing error

Jduprey shared this problem 2 years ago

I'm getting the parsing error when trying to install the zip as an apk in the Boot Animation app. I'm using OnePlus One running stock COS 13. The gif I converted to zip was from Dribbble.´╗┐

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Boot animations can't be installed as an APK. There is an option to download APK's that contain boot animations and work with CyanogenMod's theme engine, but there is no option to convert a boot animation to an APK. If you upload the boot animation I could convert it for you. If there is enough demand I will add support for building the APK from within the app.


Thanks for the reply. I chose CM Theme as install method. It then builds the apk to be applied in the CM Theme Engine. Choosing this option then results in a parsing error. I only get this error when applying a personal gif. I don't get this problem when applying an animation already in the app.