Boot Animation - HTC One

Travis Austin shared this problem 5 years ago


I've got a rooted and bootloader unlocked HTC One with the ROM Toolbox Pro installed. I noticed that all custom animated gifs that I was converting and attempting to install using the "boot animation" portion of the app were all giving the "installed failed" message - this continued when I attempted to use the "stock" options available under the "Server" heading instead of custom loaded ones locally. Eventually I found a stock one (Matrix gif) that I was able to download, convert, and get "successfully" installed - but upon bootup, I still see the HTC image followed by the Cyanogenmod animation after reboot.

I am currently using the OneDroid ROM (stable beta 13) for 4.4.2, which I believe uses Cyanogenmod 11?

I'm wondering if perhaps the animation files need to be loaded somewhere specific for the HTC One to get this working, but I haven't been able to find any specific support for the Boot Animation for the HTC One specifically.

Thank you in advance!