App Manager System Apps Backup not starting altogheter, User Apps Backup completing but reporting "Failed"

Anonymous shared this problem 5 years ago

Samsung S4 Stock KitKat 4.4.2 FNC4 ROM, supersu+busybox, current ROM Toolbox Pro entirely UNrestrained and on default settings.

In AppManager an "All System Apps" LOCAL backup (from Batch Operations) doesn't start altogether, the System Apps are not listed: I see the "Superuser Permission for an Interactive Shell" are granted and the backup screen for System Apps selection is spawned but dies immediately without starting any backup.

Backup Location unchanged from default: /storage/emulated/legacy/App_Manager/App_Backups

Using CatLog, those two errors when an attempt is made:

> Class not found when unmarshalling


> ClassNotFoundException

I wonder were the the logs of the backup (shell) command are to be found to dig a bit deeper.

Differently from System Apps, "Downloaded Apps" are correctly listed/selectable then and backed up (App .apk + data) however that separate activity ends with a "Failed Backup" notification.