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JRummy Apps started as a side project in October of 2010 by Jared Rummler. JRummy Apps Inc. incorporated in April, 2012. JRummy Apps is self funded, self motivated, and self reliant. Our mission is to create software that enables the full potential of Android powered devices.

As of 2014, over 10 million people have downloaded one of our useful apps. Two of our paid applications have reached the top 10 paid apps in Google play.

JRummy Apps is an integral part of the Android root community. We recognize that without their support we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you Android community!

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674 votes

[Cloud backup] Option for only uploading app data

Under Consideration Posted by Samu |Comments: 1 | Last reply 4 months ago by Dave Z.
663 votes

Multiple backups for the same application

Under Consideration Posted by Slavik |Comments: 7 | Last reply 3 months ago by Fazalullah K.
593 votes

Use long-press to share file

Under Consideration Posted by Hape L. |Comments: 1 | Last reply 9 months ago by Asri P.


873 votes

Freeze/Uninstalling/System app fails

Being worked on Posted by Grady D. |Comments: 12 | Last reply 11 months ago by IS P.
1976 votes

failed mounting the system read-write error in Ad blocker

Being worked on Posted by Jason B. |Comments: 6 | Last reply 7 months ago by Jason K.


621 votes

Minfree Manager - what exactly does it do?

Need Answer Posted by richard |Comments: 1 | Last reply 4 months ago by Kit B.
617 votes

Pixel Density

Answered Posted by Anonymous |Comments: 2 | Last reply 4 months ago by Kit B.